cady. 22. canadian. university student, aspiring ployglot, (bad and often emotionally unstable) poet, wanderluster, intersectional feminist, taken by a lover and friend who gave me the world and has never stopped.
tv shows/movies i reblog a lot: the social network, 21 jump street, dexter, orange is the new black, the borgias, game of thrones, skins UK. i try to tag spoilers but sometimes i’m lazy, be warned.

other things i like: books, poetry, languages, cities, travel, coffee, food, sex, funny posts, the legend of zelda, tattoos… basically anything, this is just a personal blog. it’s mostly safe for work and if not i tag nudity/nsfw/boobs/etc. i’m very friendly and i mean that honestly, so don’t be shy!


One last piece of advice: