My URL/Blog Explained

I’ve actually gotten quite a few asks about this (don’t know why, as i’m uninteresting). Anyways, my blog name is from a poem called If I by e.e.cummings, my favourite poet. The entire blurb goes “If somebody or you are beautiful or deep or generous, what I say is whistle that, sing that, yell that, spell that out big." Basically be yourself, and show your lovely side… I try, I really do.

My URL is from a song by one of my favourite bands, Dance Gavin Dance. The name of the song is actually “Robots vs. The Heroin Battle in Vietnam” but it’s often shortened to “The Rain in Vietnam” and I like that way better. I think the title itself comes from Forrest Gump, one of my favourite movies, when he’s talking about how much it rained in Vietnam. Also also, this speaks to me because I love the rain, the downpours, the heat of a summer shower… and I want to travel someday and experience rain in every country. Sounds weird I know, but hey, you asked, darlin’. :)